There's someone in my head. And it's not me.
To those who wonder why I want you to enjoy Christmas by stuffing yourselves with treats

Cause I don’t want all that food go to waste

Cause I do not want to be the only one who’ll gain weight this holiday season. >D Kidding. I love you guys <3 



Hands down, the BEST cosplay I’ve seen in the longest time. I think I should make this set my bible. 

These girls are AMAZINg.

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I am going to Car2x tomorrow with my mother and guess who, Taishi.

So today was sort of productive. I was planning to go to shoot I was invited to go at Fort San Pedro but that had to be cancelled cause my mother was giving me THE FACE. I ended up going around Cebu with her for her “errands”.


  • Gave Leandro a hug/ a bajillion hugs. 
  • Mother forgot to bring HER WALLET
  • Hoarded bread to eat.
  • Died on the couch then revived.
  • I met Taishi after a good 30mins of looking for parking space. Damn the holidays. 
  • We had the most random shopping experience ever.

And Taishi is going with us to Car-Car and Toledo tomorrow. We will eat chicharon and pass out together in the car during the trip. 5AM call time, beetches.

I’d go here if it was real.








Fuckyeahhhh !

 oh my fucking gosh! I wanna go here dude!

i would go here. oh my god.

 this needs to be real.

If only…

cool!!.. i’d go here and be a student forever!.. :D

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Does anyone else notice ABS-CBN’s show SNN uses music from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core? >.<

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